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Greentechmedia.com reports that while solar incentives are essentially gone in California, it will not have any impact on solar growth. This is a testament to how popular solar has become in California. The California Solar Initiative provides rebates for homes and businesses. However, it will no longer issue rebates within PG&E’s territory.  The program is beginning to end and this means it has accomplished its goal which was to install one million rooftops with solar panels.

The truth is not all incentives are gone from the PG&E territory. There are still commercial and low rate residential incentives available. Your Verengo Solar dealer is the best place to learn what incentives remain when going solar, including zero down solar panels. Furthermore, The Solar Foundation says that California’s solar industry has produced 43,700 jobs, meaning the solar industry is alive and well in California. Continue reading

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Sometimes it takes a negative situation to bring people together and push for change. The current state of the environment is one such issue. As global warming becomes increasingly more apparent with natural disasters sweeping the nation, government officials are calling for more change in the way we use resources, especially among businesses, and American citizens are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprints.  Though it is understood that the damage has already been done, there things that can be done to prevent any further negative impact on the environment. Continue reading

Reduce Pollution with Solar Energy
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Everyone knows that fossil fuels harm the environment, and these fuels have become expensive. Filling your car up with gas now costs a small fortune, and paying the monthly electric bill puts a strain on the family budget. Solar power is big news these days and the savings offered by this green energy is a proven way to cut high electric bills. Another big reason to install solar panels from the verengo solar company is that solar energy reduces carbon emissions.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists green energy provides significant benefits to the climate, our health, and the economy. Fossil fuels are not environmental friendly and they are finite in their supply. Yet, green power like wind and solar do not cause global warming, rather they improve the overall quality of the earth, and solar offers an infinite amount of clean power. As residential solar continues to catch on the industry will continue to help the economy too. Good jobs are being created and solar installations bring investment into local neighbor hoods. Continue reading