How OEMs Utilize Embedded PCs to Further Business Success
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Innovation is an important component of business success, but many products get unnecessarily bogged down in the development-cycle, trying to implement computer systems. In many cases, the technology these new companies need already exists, and many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are using things like embedded PCs to shorten development times and build on top of established and proven hardware.

The Benefits of an Embedded PC

An embedded PC gives OEMs the chance to maximize their time developing their own products because they don’t have to waste any of it researching and testing x86 or ARM based technology. There are many providers out there who have already done the legwork and made sure the products they provide have been repeatedly tested and even come with warranties and a service support structure.
Embedded PCs allow companies to focus on innovating their own products while relying on some well-established technology. There are some high-performance machines available to OEMs, which can be installed directly in the new products, saving a lot of time and money. Businesses can work faster, increase the functionality of their products, and improve the security features (which can be extremely important in many different industries).

OEMs in Different Industries

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How to Innovate in Your Business with An Embedded System
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Looking for ways to gain a competitive edge against your fierce market competition? One element you should be focusing on is embedded systems. Sadly, many neglect the value and potential gains of embedded systems. Others remain in the dark as to what the product is and how it works. Here is how you can innovate your business with the use of embedded systems.

What Is An Embedded System?

An embedded system is a computer network specifically engineered to perform special control functions across a wider system. It is commonly integrated into real-time computing constraints, and as a segment of a full device often involving hardware and mechanical components. On the contrary, a general-purpose computer like that of a PC is developed to be versatile and comply with a broad array of end-user operations.

Embedded systems manage different devices in common use nowadays. They can be found in portable devices like digital clocks and watches, MP3s, and even for public utilities like traffic lights and controllers. Appliances and electronics including refrigerators, washing machines, blenders, TVs, radios, and video game consoles also feature an embedded system.
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