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All Levels Support
Business support function is required at all levels in the business. As a support activity this helps in keeping business consistent by mitigating all possible risks and problems at various levels. Levels per say could be at Customer Level, Product Level and Revenue Level. Customers are termed as king for the business. Therefore customer support is the key activity of business support. Similarly product is the physical representation of the business which should be done in the best of the manners. At the end of the day entire business is done to get revenues. Hence revenue support is equally important in business support function. Intelligent business would certainly work for all above mentioned aspects as they are correlated amongst each other and directly related with the organisational growth.

Product Level Support
Controlling and supporting the product is important to entice a reasonable customer base. In the beginning of product level support the developing of product is done considering the competitors and customers. Next step is branding, marketing and selling the product. Business support without product management is incomplete and would not get the desired results. It also includes introducing selling tactics like discounts and offers to get a big customer base. Also while branding the product the business support should showcase the key qualities of it and how it would benefit the end customers.
Business Support
Customer Level Support
Modern business support is possible with complete customer level support. Customers decide the fate of a product and business. Modern customers are tough nuts to crack as they would need all the specifics about things that are associated with them. Business support has to support customer pre and post sales. Pre sales enticing customers are easy by effective product management. Post sales customers compare the performance with what was told at the time of buying the product. Any deviation would disturb the customer satisfaction and in turn the product performance. Specifically for services it’s important to get all the queries not only attended and fixed. This helps to gain customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Revenue Level Support
Last but the most important is revenue level support in business support. This is completely monetary and starts from billing to the payment settlement. This aspect of business support is taken care by specialists and experts in finance. Revenue management is not done at operational level as at that level employee may not understand the purpose. Smart business ensures proper business support through revenue management.