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Business marketing is the sale of a product or service of one organization to another organization which may use the product as component in their product, or use them to support their operations or simply resell them. Market for such products are Government agencies (office consumables), Institutional buyers such as electricity supply companies, or industries which either consume these items in the process or use them as sub parts for their products. Such type of activity is called business-to-business marketing or in short B2B marketing. Business marketing is also known as industrial marketing. If there are more business markets, then more will be the demand for business marketing. Business marketing is different from consumer marketing. In consumer marketing large number of consumers buy single or small quantities of a single product.

Demand in case of business marketing is derived; demand is created because of the connection to another demand existing somewhere else in the market. An example is that demand for office stationery expands because more and more offices are setup which in turn caters to some type of consumer demand. This emphasizes the fact that business markets do not exist in isolation. It is interesting to note that several business market demands are created because of a demand created for one single consumer market demand. Take the example of computers; increased demand for computers raises the demand for plastic (computer shell), IC chips, electronic component parts, and computer software. As disposable income of the consumer increases, more and more such demand is created.
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Difference Between Business Marketing And Consumer Marketing
The purchasing pattern is different when it comes to the two types. The risk involved in case of business marketing is more because of quantity buying at a time. This involves more money and the problems of handling rejects are too many. In case of consumer marketing each consumer buys one or small quantity of a particular product and hence the risk of reject is minimal. To attract customers, business marketing need not have to put in much effort for the simple reason that each successful transaction involves more money. In case of consumer marketing plenty of promotional effort is needed to retain customer base. In case of business marketing one has to convince a team of persons who are part of the decision making process. This is a lengthy and time consuming process. It is not so in case of consumer marketing.