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What Is Communication ?
Business communication is the flow of information between various links in the business environment. Without proper communication business may not survive. Business communication is flow of information required to promote a product, service, or organization with the ultimate intention of making profit. Therefore it is essential that all the links in the supply chain are well connected through proper communication.

Types And Channels Of Communication
Business communication has two aspects; internal communication and external communication. Any flow of information within the organization between various personnel is internal communication; which may consist of three types. Downward Communication is the flow of information from the top management to subordinate staff. These are instructions, memos etc. Upward Communication is when Information passed on from the subordinates to higher authorities. These may be reports, appeals etc.

Lateral Communication happens when employees at the same hierarchical levels pass information to each other. It may be regarding coordinating some interdepartmental work or between members of a work team drawn from different departments to accomplish a task. Communication between various elements involved in business environment is external communication. This happens when managers interact with people associated with the organization such as vendors, customers etc.
Business Communication
Business communication may take place through various channels. The media through which information is communicated is called the channel. These may be word of mouth, through internet, over phone, through print etc. The type of channel used depends on whether it is face to face, over a distance, or if proof of communication is needed at a later stage. Also there are several methods by which communication takes place. These are: Video conferencing, Web based communication, Presentation, Reports, and Face to face meetings.

Business Communication Barriers
Communication is complete when the receiver attaches the same meaning to the message as that by the sender. Occasionally communication fails due to several reasons such as language barrier, ineffective communication process, complex messages and withholding information.  Communication should always be in the language familiar to both sender and receiver. Otherwise the receiver may attach a different meaning to the message.

If hierarchical levels are not reduced, effective communication between various levels in the organization may not be possible. Message must be clear and to the point. Too much of technical jargon may not be understood by lower level staff. Usually, in the guise of business confidentiality, too much of secrecy is maintained. In the process free flow of information does not happen resulting in loss off communication.